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Advertising: Obtaining a Display Ad' Space:

Sizes Available:
Width… max of 125 pixels
Height… any considered.

Acceptability Guidelines:
* Links from the ads, must end up on target site, as agreed at the approval stage.
* All links must go to a:- legal, un-offensive, and pre-approved destination.
* Unacceptable target links are assessed so:
A website's domain name, must not include or use misspellings of Brand Names… A website must not contain or promote the following types of content: libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-related, illegal, cracking, hacking, anti-brand messaging or that offer illegal goods or services.
* All Ads acceptance are subject to availability on web-space.

Prices:  (as of September 2013)
Band A:
* column width = 125 pixels
* minimum height = 90 pixels
£7.98 ….. per 10 pixel vert block / calendar year

To Enquire Availability:
* Use website's Contact Page to start the conversation. Thanks.



Submitting a 'My Story'.

A 'My Story' is:
A short story, around the experience of….. Getting Going with WordPress (creating a website).
* A maximum of 300 words (in English)
* 2 bits… 1= The main bit about you getting going.
* 2 bits… 2= An end 'promo' sentence about your website, if you like.
* A jpg image, of set size 240 x 240 pixels (showing: screenshot sample of your WP website).
* A jpg image, of set size 50 x 50 pixels (author's profile 'mug-shot')
* Sent by an email address, that matches the domain name of a WordPress website.

To submit a 'My Story':
Email (using the matching email address) your attached iamges and completed story submision, to:

Please Note:
* The matching email requirement is to help gauge authentic submissions.
* There are simple "Guidelines", regarding content for the 'My Story' boards… JUMP HERE: 'My Story' boards
* Submissions need to be approved, then, will be set up, and published on the boards… usually for the next day.

- The 'My Sory' Service fee…. is: Free
- If however you would like the required 240 x 240 px image, created for you. This can be done here, for £ Donation



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