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My Story, by: Self Build and Edit Websites
October 4, 2013
8:13 pm
--My Story--
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October 4, 2013

Self Build and Edit Websites

My story of Getting Going with WordPress….. is:

Watching the evolution of the WordPress website package for over ten years, has created an awesome respect for the people involved in coding it…. and the persistence of the people gathering the pieces together to develop, what today…. is a user-friendly, easy to handle, massively powerful "bit-of-stuff"… that is interactive to visitors as well.

In the 2000’s, I built my first WordPress website. The upload for me, all done manually, was horrendous… but the result, when up… was instantly worth it…. A website… an interactive website… very exciting.

The really fun bit, was FROM THIS POINT onwards… easily poking things around, until the design was how I liked it.

In those days… I found I was having to do a fair bit of fiddling in the CODE FILES.
Nowadays… this seems not needed… and so much more is EASY to EDIT stuff in the WP admin control panel area.
Nowadays… the experience is beautiful.
Plus today there are loooooads of excellent, easy to use, themes and plugins.

I later, built several educational websites, from the ground up… in html code. These were satisfactory, but html had to learned. More the point is that ANY changes, updates etc to the content, required more behind the scenes html coding. Ouch.

I found html interesting BUT, compared to today’s WordPress, the time spent behind the scenes with pure html "doings", is time "burned".
With WordPress, NOW, the time spent (when tuned into it) is tiny, compared to the HUGE amount of content and activity, that can be produced…. and showing online.

About My Site:… This site (a WordPress jobby itself)… was popped together to offer a bit of content… that perhaps… may be of some value to others who may wish to get their own website up and showing to the world.


October 4, 2013
11:21 pm
julie mercer

Thanks for sharing a bit of comparison, between HTML sites and WordPress ready coded type of system.
I considered that as most people have experienced Facebook type control, and experienced that it is free, then we are somewhat nieve to the work that goes into making it easy to use, by us, the general public.

You mentioned the people of the WordPress community as 'beautiful people' and I find that to be a beautiful consideration from you. Unlike Facebook creators, who feed us a free system, and then feel at liberty to fleece us of every bit of personal info – the WordPress community IS FREE and open and honest.

Thanks for your story. Love the site. Realising I also love WordPress.

October 5, 2013
10:44 pm

I love it because of the very fact that you do not have to know, or learn any code. Yet you get a fancy package of ready made interactive capable systems.
All these are amazing smaller type packets such as themes, then plugins, then widgets etc. Each additional chunk is produced by people who LOVE to do it. So the additions are tremendous.

I would like to point out that the word DONATIONS is everywhere in the WordPress community and I consider this to be very HONEST and explains how things can be free. truely Free, to those who choose NOT to pop a donati0on across to the maker of the goodies.

It allows me to choose and try a plugin without even a worry about spending money on something that may not suit.
Just search, then upload, then activate, then have a play. If it may not be the thing you wanted, then just deactivate it, and go choose another etc etc etc etc

There is a post on this site that say I LOVE IT

Cool and I LOVE IT Laugh Laugh Cool Kiss

October 6, 2013
5:53 pm
John Harper

I have also witnessed the evolution of the WordPress systtem. Methodically adding and tweeking so it becomes more powerful, yet remains or increases to become user friendly, by users who have no need to know the code behind it.
I also love the mentality that it is free open source and that the donations buttons are floating around everywhere.

October 7, 2013
7:59 pm
Charlie Jones

The really fun bit, was FROM THIS POINT onwards… easily poking things around, until the design was how I liked it.

Yep. From THIS POINT = in the WP Admin. The set up is brilliant and easy to get to know. The choices are huge when it comes to plugind and what they bring.

October 14, 2013
6:17 pm
Tania Wallace

This site is very lovely in design.
It shows that the likes of mere mortals can now have these opportunities to be on the web, in a fantastic style, and ease of content management (I know WordPress).
Thankyou to WordPress community
Thanks to this site idea as well. x