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welcome_self-build-and-edit-websites_210109If you should fancy having the control of building and editing your very own fully functional, interactive website,…
…. then there may be a little information for thought and consideration, on and around this site.

The community of beautiful people that have been beavering away, creating, improving and evolving the 'open source' (free to download and use) WordPress system website platform…. are awesome.


There are 2 WordPress platforms:
1. … you just go there, create a free account, get given some webspace…
… and off you go.
2. ….. you download (free) the latest version… bung it on a host server (need your own domain name and host package)… poke it around via your login admin control panel, till it looks how you want it…
…and off you go.

This site is dealing with option 2….… only


welcome_self-build-and-edit-websites_210109The whole WordPress package, is coded by the people in the huge WordPress community.
All contents are made into ready-made downloads…. you don't have to get involved or know anything about coding stuff.

Once downloaded…. choose your settings…. and there you have a website.
Any extras (looooads of themes and plugins to choose from) are simple to get: – you choose – you download the extra package – you click 'activate'…. then go see what your website looks like.



Have a nose around.