Frequently Asked Questions:



What is the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG ?
A. WP.COM is where you can go, get an account for free, then get allocated a bit of webspace to do your blogging online….. excellent service, but you don't have your own independent domain name and your website is always tied to the WP servers. WP.ORG is where you go to download your very own (free) website package, then place it under your own chosen domain name and host server.



Do you only deal with WordPress.ORG ?
A. Yes.



How much does it cost to set-up ?
A. Self build…. uses your own time, by nature…. and this is a cost (only you can value). The complete WordPress website download package is Free…. there is no catch…. the free is because it is "open-source", developed by a community (of beautiful people!). You will need to obtain your own chosen domain name and a host package, for your website to run with…. domain name and host costs vary, but ball-park figures are £5 – £10 and £25 – £75 respectively…. per year.



Is it easy or hard ?
A. Easy…. yet like most new situations (first day at new job, etc), it takes a bit of short-term effort to 'get tuned in'.
The seriously tricky work (coding and script programming) has all been done by the WordPress community, and you get a ready made. user-friendly admin control panel, to just do things such as click a setting… or type a post, then just click 'publish'… click, click, click 🙂
Once you have WP on your host server… you soon get to know your way arounf the WP admin control panel…. and watch your website show stuff you have just added or edited.

Perhaps the hardest part, is the initial set-up part…. as this involves getting the WP onto and setup on your host server, with it's own database.
The set-up bit is not hard…. just perhaps new, therefore unknown territory…. but as this is a one-off requirement, the new learning will be just for a one-off set-up, event (setting the foundation for your WP website to 'sit' on).
The set-up bit can be done for you…. There are web-host companies that offer "one click" WP set up…. This can be great, as you then just have fun making it look the way you want…. working from your WP admin control panel…. You can actually see the easy changes you make, instantly on your website.



Can WordPress be used for Standard website as well as a Blogging website ?
A. Yes
For a blogging platform, use all the included features, such as categories, posts, comments and date functions.
For a standard website, just use the pages for your content. You can add as many as you want.
For both types, you still get to use any layout, any side bars, any pluggins etc, etc.



More to follow as and when….