welcome_self-build-and-edit-websites_210109About this site:
It is possible to build and edit your own website. You don't need to be able to code. You don't have to be under the wing of web designers.
This site is dedicated to the WordPress system, available as a latest version free download file package, containing an awesome website structure…. The structure gives you a powerful website and a simple to use admin control panel.
As WordPress is open-source…. it is free…. thanks to the beautiful community of WordPress contributors.

This site was set up as a reference site, to offer an awareness, that to build and edit your own website, is not only possible…. but you get the support and immense knowledge base of the WordPress community…. found at…. WordPress.ORG…. see showcase page here:



welcome_self-build-and-edit-websites_210109About the author of this site:
Studying BSc Underwater Science and setting projects up for public education, led to the study and creation of website build and design.
Having built and designed a range of websites from 2002 to date, I received many enquiries from people liking the design and function of the websites themselves…. and so, much help was offered to people who wished to have their own.

An immediate limitation occurred as my primary function was creating scientific study and educational projects… and not website design or tech support. As I did not have a business model to accommodate this…. and didn't want to create one…. I had to decline a lot of enquiries, so to maintain an integrity.

Back in 2002, for design and build, I used purchased drag n drop software packages…. which meant enquiring people would need to first buy their own software package, then would need future support management…. so I did not start.

After 2002 I used pure code website builders…. which meant enquiring people would require a huge amount of time to create and build a site for them and would also need the future support management….. so I did not start.

From 2008 (till date) I learned of, and started to explore and use the "early days" WordPress.org open source system. Most of the early days limitations are evolved and resolved, thanks to the collective and relentless creation and tenacity of all involved in the open-source WordPress community.
During this same period I explored "self build software" options, to see if these were viable to allow my enquirers to build their own…. and what occurred was a study of how the future was heading (in my opinion).

What occurred over this study period, was to notice that:

  • Web-build software was more often then not, beholden to the website host…. which meant the website author is limited and at the mercy of the host provider
  • The WordPress system was evolving to be a beautiful fully functional and powerful website creator…. that allowed the website author to have full control of whichever host they wanted to be with. It is also pre-made, so people who opt to use WordPress, can do so without needing to know code.


welcome_self-build-and-edit-websites_210109End Result:
Over 2012/13, I set up Self Build and Edit Websites…. dedicated it to the WordPress system…. to make people aware of the option to be able to self build and edit their own website…. and be part of the WordPress community for support and help….. as the internet continues to evolve into the future years.

If this site helps you or a friend, discover the notion, that it is possible to build and edit your own site, then that makes it a worthwhile venture. If this site introduces you to the awesome WordPress community, with it's constant new updates, help and support…. then that makes it a worthwhile venture, also.

Good Luck.
Kind Regards
Stephen Allen