About this site:
It is possible to build and edit your own website. You don’t need to be able to code. You don’t have to be under the wing of web designers.
This site has a basic introduction to the WordPress option, enabling you to create and control your very own website…. The structure gives you a powerful website and a simple to use admin control panel.
As WordPress is open-source…. it is free…. thanks to the beautiful community of WordPress contributors.

This site was set up as an encouragement, to offer an awareness, that to build and edit your own website, is not only possible…. but you get the support and immense knowledge base of the WordPress community…. found at…. WordPress.ORG…. see showcase page here:


About the author of this site:
Studying BSc Underwater Science and setting small concept projects up for education & intrique, led to the study and creation of simple website build and design.
Having built and designed a range of websites from 2002 to date, I received enquiries from people liking the design of the websites and asking me to build and manage one for themselves.

Nice to be asked… enticing to be offered payment… but the bigger picture would be that I would be creating myself as responsible for the ongoing support… and I’m not (and have no interest) in going down the path of an actual website designer or tech support. So I declined… so as to maintain an integrity.

What I felt I could do… that may help someone off from the starting blocks (if they wanted their own website) was to set up a website (this one)… I could just mention it to any enquiring persons.
The WordPress.org, (the free open source system) was known to me (I was using it)… so, I considered it a good option to suggest for the enquiring persons consideration.

Not only is the core website and theme package free (there are paid options)… but, thanks to the collective and relentless creation and tenacity of all involved in the open-source WordPress community… there is help with everything in abundance.
So this site, stands just to visit for some pointers, then go on your journey… creating the existance, the building and the editing of your own website.. and I’m free to do my own thing… often found wondering around filming wildlife.

So much has evolved (and will continue to do so) and more options are nowadays available to consider…
Examples, such as:

  • Wix & SquareSpace… These exist to buy straight into. The likes of these should be at least considered for your own pros n cons.
  • WordPress.com… Free & paid plans should also considered.
  • WordPress.org… The open source package… Free & paid plans… where you choose not just your domain name, but the host you place your website under… most, if not all the others sit you on their own (one) host… you can’t move your website… With this WordPress(.org) package you can move the website, when and where you fancy… Companies change or sell out, so to have the choice to up n go elsewhere… is cool.

Endy Bit:
From 2012 to 2024… Self Build and Edit Websites…. places some options to consider, including the WordPress(.org) open source system, with its community of support and help…. to make people aware of the option to be able to self build and edit their own website.

If this site helps you or a friend, discover the notion, that it is possible to build and edit your own site… and one of the options is via the rather awesome WordPress community, with it’s constant new updates, help and support…. then that makes it a worthwhile little pit-stop.

After Go See… Then Go Do…

Good Luck.
Kind Regards
Stephen Allen