WordPress… BUILD IT – Overview

Updated Apr 2024…
BUILD IT ! ….. Information is offered on building a WordPress(.org not .com) website.
* Get your domain name and host package (choice of prices)
* Then go get WordPress.org latest release package (for free)
* Bung it on your host server (many hosts offer free set up).

… Log into your very own WordPress admin area…
* Allocate a standard theme (free), or upload a choosen theme (some free some paid)
… Now you’ll you have a website.

* Poke things around… in the theme appearance customiser area… just choose & click/unclick (no coding) untill your site looks like you want it to.
* Add any Plugins you fancy (some free, some paid)

Then… Create and publish your awesome content.

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The beauty of WordPress, is that you can choose from hundreds and hundreds of themes & plugins. When you see one you may like, then upload it in your WordPress admin control panel… click ‘activate’, then see what your site looks and functions like.
If it’s not what you desire, un-activate it, then maybe choose another and click ‘activate’… then see what your site looks and functions like now!
Very easy. Very cool.

Always try and appreciate that each theme & plugin, has been developed by real people… so even if a certain chosen one is not for you… don’t fret… just go look for one that agrees for your needs.
Hundreds of incredibly brilliant themes & plugins are free… some have more premium functions and come with updates, which are premium prices… effectively you would be paying the developer to provide and keep updating the security measures… in 2024 this is expected… to be latest up to date release.

Now Go Do…