WordPress… BUILD IT – Overview

your-wordpress-site_build-itBUILD IT ! ….. Information is offered on building and tweeking a WordPress website.

* Get your domain name and host package
* Then go get WordPress package for free
* Bung it on your host, then you have a website.
* Poke things around, till your site looks like you want it to.

your-wordpress-site_build-it_montage_140435Choosing a layout… will display your website, usually as a top header, then, for below this, you choose how many columns you want and the width of each one…. then bung in your content for all to see.

Choosing a theme… will bring a 'feel' of colour, layout options, and capability of handling text, images, video etc. Some themes are just pre-set. Other themes come with multiple choice on colours, columns and features.

Adding Plugins and Widgets… will make your site do awesome extra things. These are self contained add-ons. Just pick and choose from loooads of handy helpful ideas that should make your site do more and function better, then turn them on with a click of your mouse.

The beauty of WordPress, is that you can choose from hundreds and hundreds of themes, plugins and widgets. When you see one you may like, then upload it to your WordPress admin control panel… click 'activate', then see what your site looks and functions like… If it's not what you desire, then choose another and click 'activate', then see what your site looks and functions like now!. Very easy. Very cool.

Always try and appreciate that each theme, plugin and widget, has been developed by real people… so even if a certain chosen one is not for you… don't grumble… just go look for one that agrees for your needs.
Hundreds of incredibly brilliant themes, plugins and widgets are free… remember to consider the designer… most carry a 'donate' button… It's no commitment, but if you love your chosen themes and plugins, that help to make your site awesome, then a donate may be the way to 'love' your chosen designers.

There is a bit of info around this Self Build and Edit Websites, site, that may help you set up your own WordPress based website.
Good Luck.