WordPress… BUILD – Introduction

At this stage, you will have obtained your domain name and your host package containing a database.
So now we'll take your host webspace…. and pop a website in it.


"I've got my hosting package…. now for my website".got-host_now-for-my-website_selfbuildandeditwebsites


Build, steps 1 and 2, are shown in the images below. The images were designed to provide a simple picture of how:
* Your host package, is where your WordPress package must end up
* Your WordPress package, is where your website appearance and content…. is easily managed
1. Open your web host control panel…. and bung in your WordPress website package
2. Open your WordPress admin control panel…. play around with website appearances and add some content




Your host package, is the server webspace, on which your website (WordPress files) will be held.
* The public, surfing the web, can see websites, all held on web host servers..
* You, as the website admin, will have placed the complete WordPress website package on your host server.
* You can build and edit your website, via the WordPress admin control panel.
* The public, surfing the web, can see your website, with it's latest content.

The beauty of WordPress websites, is that once the whole WordPress package is placed on the host server, via the host control panel…. you won't often (if at all) need to access it again…. because the WordPress has it's own user-friendly, admin control panel.

You will soon get to know your way around your WordPress admin control panel.
Good Luck !