WordPress… EDIT – Introduction

By now you will have your WordPress website uploaded and running on your hosting server…. Your own admin access to your website is now, a straight login, into your WordPress admin control panel.editing-your-wordpress-website

An overview of the admin control panel, is set out in the image below. It shows a common admin screen layout format…. giving you the general gist of three areas (not always, but often).
* Always the main menu list is on the left.
* Often (but not on every subject area) the selected content choice area, is then displayed with the editing area, in the center…. and often over on the right is where you comfit and influence what you have done, created, etc…. to publish or update…. to actually ‘GO’…. and therefore show on your website.your-wordpress-site_edit-it_admin-panel-layout_559400

The key reference ‘go-to’ place…. is the left side main menu list. Click any of the listed choices and the screen to the right of it, shows the content of that selected subject.
It does looooads of work behind the scenes, for you. Most of the time you’ll just be clicking at logical choices…. and good things happen (mostly).
Here’s a brief, brief, on just some of the choices…. You’ll soon get to know what’s where, when you get your own to play with.

Click one of the main menu choices…. and the subject area appears…. or a sub-menu of more finer choices will appear…. click one of these. then the subject area appears.

In this choice, Appearance, the sub-menus are areas where you will more than likely go fairly soon, when first starting.
You choose your theme here…. then go se what your site looks like…. then come back and start tweaking the theme options, such as main header picture, one-two-three column layout, colour scheme, lalala.

A pick of some of the other menu choices:
Posts – in this section you can create categories, then create your awesome posts, pop them in a category… then publish for all to find…. and see your work.

Media – add new or find your already uploaded images…. so you can insert them into posts and pages.

Pages – in this section you can create pages, which usually are created and given names and relevant content, such as Welcome, About, FAQ’s, Contact, etc.

Comments – Handle any and all of your website’s comments here (if you choose to enable comments)

Plugins – you’ll fall in love with the WordPress community (again), as… should you desire…. to have you website “be capable” of doing just about anything…. you go look for a plugin, click upload, click activate…. then your website does some new things that you wanted it to…. because of the ‘beautiful people’ in the WordPress community, who make these extras…. module type, packets-of-goodness..

Just a flavour of the easy to manage (create and edit) area of what will be, your admin’s control panel area.
Good luck