Preparation – Introduction

Updated Apr 2024…
Prepare to have a website… your very own website… easy as 1, 2, 3… there is actually a 4th bit… the fun bit of build & edit so it looks and functions how you desire.

  • 1… Your website will require a domain name (you choose the name – if available)
  • 2… Your website will require, and then sit on a hosted web-server (common to buy a host package – a piece of web-space, on a host server)
  • 3… Choose a Hosting package that suits your needs and budget…
    … some are “we’ll give you everything and do everything for you”
    … some are less costly, such as the WordPress option… where you would work with the open source community. (you still require 1 & 2).
  • 4… Login to your own admin area… and have great fun choosing the look & function to your desire… the build & edit bit.

Here is an image montage of the big picture:

montage image of person with computer also room full of computer servers with planet earth as a backdrop

The above image montage, gives a quick visual on how the world has many web-server hosting buildings, in which are contained many web-servers, on which are contained many purchased slices of web-space (a host package).
Your tiny, tiny, tiny, slice of web-space (your host package)…. is where YOUR website (files and any other content) is uploaded to and held…. to be interacted by anyone searching the internet.. pretty cool.

Prep To do?
Nowadays (in 2024) there are many good website platform options…
To prepare to have a website starts with knowing you require both Domain Name & Hosting.

A. Some are the ready mades that you can buy into from the start… then just keep subscribing in order to keep your website in existance.
Good examples of these would be WIX & SQUARESPACE
B. Others are open source (free to use website core package).
Good example of this would be WordPress.

montage of colourful signposts with words showing tld and design choices
  • Go find (go search) an available domain name and note the cost.
    These domain names are usually priced /mnth or /year (or two, or three, or four, etc)….  and need to be renewed again to continue using it, as yours.
  • Go choose a nice looking theme… one that is capable of providing your required function…. i.e. is your site for blogging, is it a shop, is it a video platform… or perhaps all of the above… and/or more
  • Go find (go search) a suitable web-host package and note the cost.
    These hosting packages, range in deals (size and goodies)…. it’s quite a market place, but just see what others say and compare with what you think is suitable for you.
    Again the cost of these hosting packages are usually priced /mnth or /year (or two, or three, or four, etc)…. and need to be renewed to continue having your site hosted and live on the web.

Hope helpful in some way.
Good Luck.