Preparation – Introduction

1. Your website will have a domain name (you choose the name – if available)
2. Your website will sit on web-server (common to buy a host package – a piece of web-space, on a host server)

Your website will (with WordPress), be contained, all complete, in a downloadable file (get the latest version)…. which you bung onto your host server, under it's chosen domain name….
You need to get 1. & 2. ready first.


Here is an image montage of the big picture:
The above image montage, gives a quick visual on how the world has many web-server hosting buildings, in which are contained many web-servers, on which are contained many purchased slices of web-space (a host package).
Your tiny, tiny, tiny, slice of web-space (your host package)…. is isolated and will hold and contain only YOUR website (files and any other content).


To do?
* Go check out WordPress at .org, to determine if the website design and structure is suitable for you.
It's incredibly versatile and modular…. with loads of help from people in the know…. and oodles of questions and feedback from people that are in the same boat as you)…. all making up the open source WordPress community.

* Go find an available domain name and note the cost.
These domain names are usually priced / year (or two, or three, or four, etc)….  and need to be renewed again to continue using it, as yours.

* Go find a suitable web-host package and note the cost.
These hosting packages, range in deals (size and goodies)…. also range in price depending on the hosting company…. it's quite a market place, but just see what others say and compare with what you think is suitable for you.
Again the cost of these hosting packages are usually priced / year (or two, or three, or four, etc)…. and need to be renewed to continue having your site hosted and live on the web. (You can move your entire website to another host, if desire).

* Go see if any other posts on here may be helpful
* Go snoop around
* Use search engine for reviews on host packages.


Hope helpful in some way.
Good Luck.